INAA "Boro Day 2004"- Public Announcement

IJAW National Alliance of the Americas (INAA) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization founded by Greater Ijaw ethnic peoples, mostly residing in northeastern United States. Promoting Ijaw unity, cultural identity and socio-economic empowerment are among the primary goals for the formation of this organization. Since its inception eight years ago, INAA has been an active advocate for Ijaw unity and welfare internationally and has relentlessly called world attention for the need to redress the social and economic injustice in Ijawland and the Niger Delta Region in general.

The "Service & Devotion" Award which INAA presents annually is to promote patriotic virtues including selfless service, unaffected devotion and the need for accountability. These are qualities that have right of priority in Ijawland where there is a wealth of human and natural resources. Late Major Isaac Adaka Boro's ardent devotion to Ijaw self-determination and his courageous efforts to achieve social and economic justice for people of the Niger Delta exemplify these qualities to the extent that it underscores the propriety and socio-cultural correctness to bestow the “Service & Devotion” award at the “Boro Day” commemoration where Ijaw unity and progress in a peaceful Niger Delta Region is the central theme of the event. Major Isaac Adaka Boro was the first honoree upon whom the " Service & Devotion" award was bestowed posthumously. And since then, four individuals and one group of individuals have been recognized with the “Service & Devotion” award.

Recipient of the 2004 INAA "Service & Devotion" Award is Chief (Dr.) E. K. Clark who is honored and recognized in numerous Ijaw communities and beyond, with various traditional titles, for his patriotism and services to promote peace and enunciating the Ijaw Question. A distinguished civil servant, educator and politician, his political career spanned more than four decades and since then, he has effectively made alliances and built bridges to promote peace and Ijaw welfare. Chief (Dr.) Clark is also an unwavering advocate and negotiator for the Ijaw and people of the Niger Delta at various levels.

God bless the Ijaw Nation.

Joe Ebiware, Ph.D.
INAA General Secretary.

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