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May 19, 2007 - The 9th Boro Day/INAA Service Award Ceremony

Special Thanks to:  Nyengiebi Akamande, Kabowei  Akamande, Godfrey Okoro, Beena Youdeowei, Francis Udisi, Peter Edu, Tito Miriki, Amagbe Kentebe, Victor Clement, Ebi Nanakumo and Hermon Alamene

My Dear Brothers & Sisters,

My sincere thanks to you all for your individual efforts and a successful/very productive "Boro Day". The eleven of you are the "regulars" who have become "honorary" INAA members and I am sure that Alamene, Amagbe, Peter & Tito could have also made it this year if circumstances permitted. The challenge for INAA has always been how to make the "Boro Day" worthwhile for your time and the significant amounts you spend each year to attend the event. This is why INAA has never been shy or hesitant to solicit your input in the planning process.

Unfortunately, this year's event coincided with quirks in Bayelsa State's political scene. All the same, the success in pulling it off may have disproved the myth that politicians (elected officials) are indispensible for a successful "Boro Day" commemoration; the obligatory presence required of them is to enable them hear our collective message to be upright, accountable and to let them know that we can contribute mentally and physically towards the States' development. Beyond that, we do not really need them as far as I am concerned. Quite unfortunate too, we did not get to one very important agenda item during the All-Ijaw meetings on Saturday and Sunday. This particular item is very important because so much rides on  the extent to which we work inter-dependently as individuals and organizations--I'm not trying to preach to the choir. If we had the time to discuss the "inter-organization unity"  agenda item, we may have benefited from ideas and suggestions to improve current inter-organization relations (and by extension, interpersonal relations). We need to find out why the few of you are the only people who make personal sacrifice each year to attend the "Boro Day" even though all of us seem to be on the same "Boroism" and passionate scale level as evidenced by writings on Ijawnation forum! I am not, in any way, implying that those who constantly fail to attend the "Boro Day" are not patriotic or less patriotic. It is a curious paradox though,  that people believe in "Boroism" but deliberately and constantly avoid a physical setting where people gather to promote this transcendent ideal and philosophy. Maybe INAA is doing something wrong or something is wrong somewhere. So my brothers and sisters, lets talk because  this event has become an Ijaw phenomenon here in the United States. You heard the various sentiments Ijaws all over the world expressed at the various sessions.

I personally thank you again for your commitment.

Warm regards.

Joe Ebiware.
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